Create OSGeo Userid

OSGeo user IDs provide access to many OSGeo services, including bug trackers and wikis. Note that you do NOT need an ID to download and use OSGeo software or QGIS plugins!

Due to a recent increase in registration of fake users as spam agents, we're currently requiring new users to request and obtain a "mantra" from the OSGeo system administrators.

We currently have a lot of spam from unknown gmail and hotmail accounts or other unknown accounts. Expecially if you're using such an account we'll need an URL pointing to a page with information about yourself, or more specifically, the owner of the email address from which you're writing us.

Examples of such websites would be:

Please make sure any URL you give does contain a mention of the email address you're requesting the mantra from.

Alternatively, please send us an e-mail from your company/university/organization account.

After you got it, enter it in the input field below. Be aware that this request is handled by people - please answer the questions above in your requests, so they don't have to repeat them.


Should you need any further assistance, you can find OSGeo administrators on dedicated IRC channel of the freenode network:

Join #osgeo-sac IRC chat

Enter the mantra: